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They Play. U Drink.
September 22, 2009, 12:10 am
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Ahh, how we love Fall season at the Sac’. The leaves start to turn colors, my sweet wardrobe comes out, College/NFL football seasons kickoff, and STARTING NOW when you pick up your next Sactional setup of $999.00 or more, we’ll throw in a FREE U Drink. Or do it even better with a setup of $1999.00 or more and we’ll throw in 2 FREE U Drink’s or a FREE U Table.. the choice is yours.

See you soon!

– Natick LoveSac –


Heaven In Couch Form
September 21, 2009, 11:39 pm
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That’s right, the gates of heaven just opened up.  Cut out this coupon of the Movie Lounger (shown below) and bring it in to our Natick store, where we’ll give you an awesome demo on how to build your heavenly sactional, and we’ll throw you a FREE T-shirt!

The Movie Lounger is comprised of (4) of our Sactional bases and (4) of our Sactional sides.  All covers come interchangable and machine washable; you decide what you want heaven to look like!  However you should know, the Sactional pieces with the most designer covers wins.

And finally I give you heaven..


Guaranteed for LIFE on the frames, cushions, and to save your marriage… most likely. This will be the last couch you will ever have to buy.. you don’t need me to tell you that, just listen to your butt.

See you soon

– Natick LoveSac –

September 15, 2009, 2:43 pm
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Natick welcomes you in for ONE TIME SALES EVENT.

The great brand we call LoveSac has added a new friend to the line up of retail stores; Columbia Mall. So to celebrate it’s fit as our 27th store, we naturally, had to make some noise..

So here’s how it works.. starting Tuesday, September 15, 2009 and expires with the use of the last coupon (27th):

The first person in the store will receive 27% off of any purchase (that includes SACTIONALS!) The 2nd customer will receive 26% off, the 3rd person 25% off and so on until we have run out of our 27 discount cards.

As always, first come and first served.

We’ll see you soon,

– Natick LoveSac –

Steps to a Warrantied Product
September 9, 2009, 4:30 pm
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Here’s an easy breakdown for all you new Sac’rs out there looking to get your AWESOME new furniture warrantied for LIFE!

Step One : Type in your URL search bar :

Step Two : Fill out the appropriate required fields completely and continue to the next step.

Step Three: It will ask for where you purchased your product.  You will need to select a “Retail Store”, then select “Natick Collection”.

Step Four: Next you will need your transaction code from your receipt given to you at time of purchase.  Use the picture below to help identify where you can find this four digit transaction code number:


Step Five: Fill out the quick survey on the next page, then submit.

If done correctly, you should have a page pull up congradulating you on your NEWLY REGISTERED product, guaranteed for LIFE.

You can always contact us at the store if any questions, concerns, — or just want to talk 🙂  508.318.5595

— Natick —

Labor Day Sac’ Out Sale!!!
September 4, 2009, 7:21 pm
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That’s right! — LoveSac is doing it again.. Arguably the BIGGEST sale on SAC’s we do all year. But don’t miss it!! This incredible chance to save BIG on your SAC is only around for a limited time (September 7th!!)

How it works… Buy any Designer IN STOCK cover (supplies vary depending on store) and get your IN STOCK Sac Insert for 50% off !!!

What this means… When you go BIG with our BigOne Sac you’ll save $274.00 bucks on your purchase when you get it with a designer cover.

Saving BIG this weekend and Labor Day only.. first come, first served!


We’ll see you soon.

– Natick LoveSac –