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LoveSac: King of Media Room Furniture

Photobucket Hi, I’m Chris – Store Manager of Natick Collection LoveSac, here to tell you how to use common sense and good taste when it comes to choosing the right Media Room Furniture for your home.

Look, we’ve all been there.. sitting in our office, or at work, the bathroom, the car, the airport, etc., wondering what our dream home would ideally look like.  After a few skips pass the custom indoor/outdoor pool, the bedroom rotating circular bed with cheetah print, the bowling alley… it then hits you… you like a fat furry man belly flopping off the high dive — the dream Home Theater with custom furniture and that unbelievably enormous Sectional to line the back row seating…. sort of  like some Media Room Furniture like this:


Yeah..that’s a nice start.  Well the only way you’re going to build your dream Media Room the right way is finding the Sofa that meets the right criteria.

It’s a big world out there, and let’s face it.. there’s a lot of crap to distract your ability to make great decisions.  Here are some things to look for and not to look for:

The Don’t Do’s pt.1:


Avoid stationary, avoid plain, avoid unchangeable product, avoid the unable; most of all, avoid this crap.

Sactionals™ by LoveSac [] are EXTREMELY MODULAR FURNITURE.  They are made up from only TWO universal pieces: Bases and Sides

Photobucket*Add and Subtract as you go, build your Sectional the way you want

The Don’t Do’s pt.2:

Photobucket Avoid boring, avoid dull, avoid false appearances, avoid uninspired; most of all, avoid this crap.

Sactionals™ are EXTREMELY WASHABLE FURNITURE, not only is every single bit of this customizable furniture machine washable, it’s also interchangeable for different fabrics, designs, and colors.

Photobucket*The Sactional with the most covers wins

The Don’t Do’s pt.3:

Photobucket Avoid gross, avoid the funk, avoid weird aromas, avoid unattractive; most of all, avoid crap.

Sactionals™ are EXTREMELY DURABLE FURNITURE, in fact, it’s guaranteed on the framework for life.  Keep your fresh looking sectional couch looking and feeling great for as long as you own it

Photobucket*This look, your sofa = for life

The Don’t Do’s pt. 4:

PhotobucketAvoid unsafe, avoid creepy men with burning sofas, avoid butt print, avoid uncomfortable; most of all, avoid this crap.

Finally, Sactionals™ are EXTREMELY MOVABLE FURNITURE, they come packaged in boxes and ready to take home day of purchase – no wait

Photobucket*If you were ever good at Tetris, or Geometry for that matter, fitting a full sofa in your vehicle is a cake walk

Now that we’ve established the obvious solution to Media Room Furniture by the process of elimination using common sense and good taste, the only thing that remains in your way of building your dream Home Theater is your visit to the Natick Collection LoveSac, or

We’ll See you Soon,

– Natick LoveSac –

(508) 318.5595


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That’s sick.

Comment by lovesacflatiron

Yeah Broham !!! This is no joke !

Comment by Jesse

The pictures say it all! Sactionals are NOT lame and ugly

Comment by Channing Tatum

Unable, Uninspired, Unattractive, and Uncomfortable. 4 Things LoveSac will NEVER be.

Damn it feels good to be the best.

Comment by lovesacjordan

Comment by Mr. Unstoppable

Love this post. Nice job Natick… Sactionals f-in rock!

Comment by Tashia

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