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Got Irish? Get GREEN, Save GREEN Sale

At the Natick Sac‘, we just love this little holiday we call St. Paddy’s Day.. after all, most of us here come from Irish roots.  So naturally this day calls for some noise.. it’s a TODAY ONLY sale [March 17, 2010] and only applies to the first 17 people that come in today.. so get your green on and come in and save green:

EVERYTHING MOSS MICROSUEDE from a Moss TubeSac to pre-made Moss Sac’ designer covers, to a Moss Sactional sectional is 10% off.

Get GREEN, Save Green on your TubeSac:

Perfect for additional head support, airplane rides, home run derby’s, laying a lesson on your little brother, etc.  Don’t leave home without your MOSS TubeSac™.

Get Green, Save Green on your FootSac:PhotobucketAlso known as the “LoveSac sock”.  This epic blanket gift is the Sac’s answer to the defeated snuggy blanket.  Don’t take my word for it – I got one for my girlfriend, now she pays this blanket more attention than me.  The MOSS FootSac is the perfect gift for any spoiling occasion.

Get Green, Save Green on your Sac’ Designer cover:PhotobucketGot kids? Pets? A sloppy husband? Iranian bomb threats?  No worries.. MOSS Microsuede is the most durable fabric we carry [rates 5 out of 5].  In fact, I dare say it could survive nuclear war.

Get GREEN, Save Green on your Moss Sactional:PhotobucketWhooo.. did you catch that??  When you buy MOSS Microsuede covers for your Sactionalset up, not only will we give you 10% OFF the covers, but we’ll throw 10% OFF the ENTIRE PURCHASE.  Save GREEN, it’s time to ramp up your living room with our extremely modular Sactionals.

Now for some cheap advice and wisdom… this is a DAY ONLY sale, so be smart – get your green on and come in.  If you can’t make it in, pull out your phone and give us a call, we got your back.

PhotobucketCome see us today – or give us a call!

See you soon

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595


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First 17 people? WOW. I sense a Moss Smackdown in the making. PICTURES.

Comment by Alyx

I’m getting on a plane right now……

Comment by The Big O

I love green irish people almost as much as I love France! Keep rockin the sac!

Comment by lovesacvegas

Nice!!! Love the effects!!!

Comment by lovesaclayton

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