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Customer of the Month: Jason Kan

Announcing the first of many to come, Customer of the Month.  This isn’t your every day award handout;  this takes a special occasion, relationship, and let’s face it.. a ton of awesomeness.

April customer of the month goes to Jason Kan of Waltham, MA.  Jason has a sweet set up; rockin’  5 Bases, 7 Sides in Red Velvish with a MovieSac to match.

Jason’s got mad skill when it comes to combing creativity, film, and photography.  Recently, J Dog posted a sick fast time lapse video link we discovered on our facebook of him putting together his Sactional at home.  Immediately I had to give him props and ask for permission to exploit this to the world.  Check it out below:

You can find more of Jason’s work at

Thanks Jason for becoming part of the LoveSac family and reppin’ the product in a sweet way. As our thanks to you, we’d like to offer you a FREE U Drink and 10% off anything in the Natick store (offer good till the end of May 2010)

We’ll see you soon,

– Natick LoveSac –

(508) 318 55.95


LoveSac & Lululemon Athletica

Relaxing and living healthy… now isn’t that the obvious ticket to living longer and feeling good.  Common sense tells me we might be on to something here.

Recently Natick LoveSac has teamed up with our friends from  LuLulemon Athletica,  you definitely need to check them out.  When it comes to goal setting, achieving optimal health, dancing, yoga, or fitness – LuLuLemon Athletica is your stop for workshops, fitness equipment, and good vibes.  Make a goal, see it through with LuLu.  Plus, you can find some of our LoveSac’s in some of their locations in the greater Boston area.  Check out their calender for upcoming events on their blogLoveSac Natick will be joining the effort by outfitting a few of their upcoming events with our infamous LoveSac chairs.. maximizing a healthy active lifestyle by balancing it out with superior relaxing comfort.

You can find LoveSac’s inside the LuLuLemon locations in the Prudential, Legacy Place, and Natick Collection malls:

Photobucket*Prudential Center LuLuLemon Sac’!

Photobucket*Liz Hall – Good friend of the Sac’ and Key Leader at the Prudential LuLu

Photobucket*Legacy Place – Dedham LuLulemon Sac’ with Store Manager Gretchen lounging out

Photobucket*Legacy Place LuLu ladies and C String

*Natick Collection LuLu pictures to come*

Recently we teamed up with LuLu and got involved with the Yoga Journal Conference that took place this last weekend in Boston.  The opportunity presented itself with short notice so proper preparations weren’t exactly made.  By that I mean I didn’t have time to go rent a U-Haul for transporting Sac’s to the event.  So… I did what any other Sac’r would do to make it happen; resorted to ridiculous means:


I ended up stuffing two MovieSac’s into my Mitsubishi Lancer.  One in back and one in the front seat.  It was a bad idea from the start and shifting gears proved to be harder than I imagined.  But whatever, if I crashed I was likely to survive to the comfort of MovieSac’s. Photobucket

*T Bones displaying his groove at the LuLuLemon booth – Yoga Journal Conference.

Stay tuned for the updates of the infamous RUN EXPO in Boston.

As always if you have any questions, come in to the store and check us out!

We’ll see you soon,

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595
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Easter: New Intro’s, New Savings

Meet Nooder – LoveSac’s newest member of our comfort team:

As like the rest of our product we sell at LoveSac, Nooder changes with real life.  “Love puppy by day, blanket dog by night”.  Now your nephew, niece, daughter, mother, or 36 year old brother that still lives home can enjoy the tender love of a sweet LoveSac stuffed animal and/or enjoy the comfort of the blanket inside Nooder – easily accessible through his back side.  He may be the first pet you’ve ever owned that doesn’t poop disgusting things.. on the contrary, he poops comfortable blankets, delicately put.  Take home Nooder this Easter for only $49.99 … or..


Get Nooder for HALF OFF when you buy any LoveSac blanket. See store for details, restrictions may apply.

As with new holidays, come new savings.  The infamous Series 5 Sactionals™ have landed in our Natick Store.  To celebrate the new arrival we’ve put together some sweet starter kit deals:

Photobucket*FREE = good work

And that’s not all, now for a limited time we’re also doing 10% off select items:


That’s right – 10% off OCS [Other Comfy Stuff] when your purchase is over $300 or more.  Perfect time for Easter.

Happy Easter from your crew at Natick LoveSac… We hope you enjoy your holiday, Love The Ones Your With.

We’ll See You Soon,

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595