Lovesac Natick

Speedrun hits the Cinema’s and Buy’s

Can you believe it’s already been a solid two weeks of Speedrun already?? It’s been a sweet beaten path of solid contestants, with awesome Speedrun records getting smashed into the ground.. But the glory and fame is still in reach, and the Powerglove Trophy still waits..


Gamers from all over the greater Boston area came to pay their homage..and possibly try to hone up a PWNAGE PKG while they were at it:


If you haven’t had a chance to swing on by past the tour events yet, this is what your missing:


Come stop by the tour at our next events:  Rockingham Park Mall Lovesac – 10.13.10 and Revere Showcase Cinema – 10.17.10 for all of Week Three’s Speedrun action.


Come take your claim to ultimate Gaming Glory and have some ridiculous fun with us.

We’ll see you soon,

 – Boston LoveSac –


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Killer blog!!

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