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The 4 and 5 Sactionals Promo

You think you’ve heard it before.. “That we’re having a huge sale”, “Supplies are limited”, “Get it while it’s hot”, “Once they’re gone, they’re gone”, “Best sale on Sactionals ever!”.. Well I heard each one of these one at a time, once before. However, this time around we’re going to get a little crazy with it by combining all of these wonderful sentences, henceforth, making into one:

We are having a Huge Sale. Supplies will be extremely limited, so get them while you can. This IS the best Sale we’ve ever done on Sactionals. It’s called the 4 and 5 Sactionals Promotion Sale:


Come take a look:


4 and 5 is kind of the smart way to buy Sactionals™, and it’s our newly discovered magic number of Bases and Sides.  With 4 and 5  (Bases and Sides, respectively) you get MAX FUNCTIONALITY with THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF PIECES YOU BUY TODAY and that comes with the 4 and 5 Sactionals Promotion.

To illustrate MAX FUNCTIONALITY, take a look at the video below:


Want prices?  You got it!

Navy Twill 4 and 5 PKG – $1,499

Earth, Moss, Mocha Suede 4 and 5 PKG – $1,799

Eskimo Phur 4 and 5 PKG – $1,999

..Save up to $600 Dollars!!

Come see us in our Natick Collection Mall or Rockingham Park Mall locations today.  Get your 4 and 5 on!

We’ll See You Soon,

Boston LoveSac

PS:  I heard somewhere through the grapevine that later this month a new LoveSac location may be coming to a Burlington near you.  Stay tuned for details.


Rockingham: Boston LoveSac

It’s been quite the hot minute since we’ve posted some love, but look..  we’ve been busy in the best way and the believe me when I say this, all this crazy work we’ve being doing has definitely paid off.

Introducing store #29, a shiny new toy in LoveSac land:

Rockingham Park LoveSac :


If you don’t know LoveSac yet, don’t worry about it because eventually the inevitable becomes apparent.  That said, we’re kind of noisy and we like to be  in the center of spotlight  (in this case, in the center of mall parking lots):


I’ve gotta say, when there’s a time line that doesn’t speak past 7 days, there’s a lot of work to do.  So to get us through completing the task at hand, we did what every great president, role model, and legendary leader before us did.. We brought a gun to the fight.. a couple of them in fact:


Max Haimowitz, Boston LoveSac Sac’r, caught in action.. building the dream:


It wasn’t easy work, but building Rome wasn’t either.  Just like everything that starts with a blueprint, Rockingham LoveSac was built piece by piece, Bases and Sides.  I believe we trademarked them as Sactionals™:


Have you ever heard the sentence “Art is hard”?  It’s cliche for good reason but we’ve got a talent on board who’s name is Torin and he seems to think that art is about just doing it, and apparently “doing it” calls for no sleep and late AM hours:


So it’s kinda cool.. we build whatever we want and it works out. . sometimes better than what it looked like on paper:


I don’t exactly want to come off boasting, but I do believe we are bringing sexy back.. ya…Anyway, what was I saying.  So through god and Red Bull we trust, as a result, the model store Rockingham Park LoveSac became open for business:


We’re back in a big way.  Boston asked for it, and we delivered.  Come check us out up at the Rockingham Park mall in Salem, NH (next to Disney store, across from Express, in the Macy’s wing):


If you find yourself with questions or in the need for some fine casual conversation, give us a call:  (603) 890 6206 – Let’s talk about life

Get Comfy, Get LoveSac.

We’ll See You Soon,

Boston LoveSac

Natick LoveSac: (508) 318 5595

Rockingham LoveSac: (603) 890 6206

Spring Clean Clearance Sale pt.2

All of last week I kept hearing the same thing.. “What’s the sale on?”, “When are the Sactionals ever going to go on sale?”.. And I know my response was the same.. “Sactionals and Sale don’t often find the same sentence“.. but today that’s all about to change. Our famed Sactionals™ just met with the final portion of this year’s annual Spring Clean Clearance Sale along with some of the Best Package Deals we’ve ever put together – beginning today and happening all the way until June 7th, 2010.

Are you ready to finally make your Living Room look like this?


Earth and Moss Microsuede, Mushroom and Espresso Plushsuede, and Black and Red Velvish are making a loud exit out of our Pre-Made Designer cover line, hence forth the highly coveted Spring Clean Clearance Sale. So what does this mean for you?

All Luxury covers listed above become Premium prices. All Premium covers listed above become Standard prices.

In case this is still unclear for you… let’s spell it out:

The most famed Sactional configuration of them all, the Movie Lounger (4 Bases, 4 Sides) is Luxury is usually fair priced at $2,120. With Clearance having it’s say.. it now become $1,880. SAVE $140!

It’s time to make moves.. get that Media Room to Luxurious status:


NOW PAY ATTENTION. Here’s the Cherry to the cake of it all. Happening at the NATICK COLLECTION LOVESAC ONLY, let me introduce our Sactional Package Deals:

The Movie Lounger Package Deal

4 Bases, 4 Sides in Mushroom or Earth; qualify customer to get a MovieSac
w/LUX $399 or SuperSac w/LUX $449 w/ matching SodaSac, TubeSac + a
matching Squat for $99

The Sectional Package Deal

10+ Sactional Pieces in Mushroom or Earth; qualify customer to get a MovieSac
w/ LUX $349 or SuperSac w/LUX $399 w/matching SodaSac, TubeSac + a
matching Squat for $89

The Media Room Package Deal

15+ Sactional Pieces in Mushroom or Earth; qualify customer to get a MovieSac
w/ LUX $299 or SuperSac w/LUX $349 w/matching SodaSac, TubeSac + a
matching Squat for $79


Once You Go Sac’, You Never Go Back.

Come visit us at the Natick Collection – Take advantage of the biggest sale we do all year.

We’ll see you soon,

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595

Got Irish? Get GREEN, Save GREEN Sale

At the Natick Sac‘, we just love this little holiday we call St. Paddy’s Day.. after all, most of us here come from Irish roots.  So naturally this day calls for some noise.. it’s a TODAY ONLY sale [March 17, 2010] and only applies to the first 17 people that come in today.. so get your green on and come in and save green:

EVERYTHING MOSS MICROSUEDE from a Moss TubeSac to pre-made Moss Sac’ designer covers, to a Moss Sactional sectional is 10% off.

Get GREEN, Save Green on your TubeSac:

Perfect for additional head support, airplane rides, home run derby’s, laying a lesson on your little brother, etc.  Don’t leave home without your MOSS TubeSac™.

Get Green, Save Green on your FootSac:PhotobucketAlso known as the “LoveSac sock”.  This epic blanket gift is the Sac’s answer to the defeated snuggy blanket.  Don’t take my word for it – I got one for my girlfriend, now she pays this blanket more attention than me.  The MOSS FootSac is the perfect gift for any spoiling occasion.

Get Green, Save Green on your Sac’ Designer cover:PhotobucketGot kids? Pets? A sloppy husband? Iranian bomb threats?  No worries.. MOSS Microsuede is the most durable fabric we carry [rates 5 out of 5].  In fact, I dare say it could survive nuclear war.

Get GREEN, Save Green on your Moss Sactional:PhotobucketWhooo.. did you catch that??  When you buy MOSS Microsuede covers for your Sactionalset up, not only will we give you 10% OFF the covers, but we’ll throw 10% OFF the ENTIRE PURCHASE.  Save GREEN, it’s time to ramp up your living room with our extremely modular Sactionals.

Now for some cheap advice and wisdom… this is a DAY ONLY sale, so be smart – get your green on and come in.  If you can’t make it in, pull out your phone and give us a call, we got your back.

PhotobucketCome see us today – or give us a call!

See you soon

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595

Living Room Furniture by LoveSac

Picking the right furniture for your living room, home theater, or whatever living quarters you may have — can be difficult when it comes to the specifics, such as space requirements, colors, and of course comfort.  Just ask this young lady below:


At LoveSac, we know living room furniture.  Whether it be a large sectional Sactional sofa, a full sofa with ottomans, or maybe just a simple sofa couch for that small limited space you have in your bedroom.  Our Sactionals™ are your ticket to making whatever couch you want to build — This way you’re not just buying someone else’s design, YOU are building your own.  

Here’s how to build real home furniture for real life:


We use BASES and SIDES.  Buy these two pieces out in whatever quantity you deem fit and starting building your home media sectional Sactional™.  If you get bored with the look, buy new covers — they all slip on and off for easily removability and washability.  When you know you’ve stumbled upon the right furniture outfit you may have a living room that looks like this:


Come into the Natick Collection mall and ask us for a Sactionals™ Demo — We be happy to show you just how well common sense and innovation works.

We’ll see you soon,

– Natick LoveSac –

(508) 318 5595