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Black Friday – THE LoveSac Event of the Year

Black Friday LoveSac style..? Let the games begin!


You’ve seen the e-mails.

You’ve peeped our Facebook Event Annoucement.

You may have even seen a little Tweet or too..

But what exactly is this Black Friday Event at LoveSac all about. Want the details?..


It’s really just the one time of year where we can just show you, our astute customer, that we Give A Sheep about you.  So much that for this Black Friday weekend, we’re selling the whole LoveSac farm, including the sheep used to make our sweet packages, for a ridiculous blow out price.

Here’s how it works:


SUPERSAC AND CITY SAC PACKAGES – HALF OFF (Black Friday Weekend only*).  Baaa-hahahh..

SuperSac ManorSuede Package

MSRP $800, Holiday Price $549

Black Friday (50% Off MSRP $399)

CitySac ManorSuede Package

MSRP $530, Holiday Price $399

Black Friday (50% Off MSRP $265)


It’s LoveSac’s Sales Event of the Year.. so why stop here..?


For the 1st hour your local LoveSac store opens on Black Friday, we’re going to give you 50% off anything in-store.  Note:  This includes SACTIONALS!!!  Baa..aaahhh.. Early Bird Gets The Worm.

Some restrictions due apply, see store for details.


In the 2nd hour your local LoveSac store is open, we’ll give you 30% everything in the store.

Any hour after that, take 15% off everything in the store.

Moral of the story.  Get there early.

So come join the fun at our Black Friday Sales Event..


Early morning always brings out the best: Silliness, Discounts, Faces, Half Off Remedies, Completely Downed RedBulls, etc..


Find out when your local LoveSac store opens by clicking this link:

LoveSac Store Locator

Give us a Call!

Come see what all the buzz is about for yourself..

We’ll see you Black Friday,



Movie Under The Stars at the Rockingham Park Mall

Doin’ it the LoveSac way is like taking a fresh sit in the Park on nice sunny summer afternoon..

By that I mean Rockingham Park, of course.

Recently we supplied that Fresh sitting experience I was just talking about at all four movie events at

The Movies Under The Stars


Rockingham LoveSac joined forces with our Mall in participating in the “Movies Under The Stars” Series by setting up a sweet Sac’ and Sactional lounge area.  Can ya dig?


How’s this for one more glam shot?



It was a lot of silly fun and we had great attendance/participation.  In fact that word Participation actually came with fun raffle – For those of you who have been waiting, your moment is here.  We put all the raffles together in a pot, rolled up our sleeves, wiped the sweat off our forehead and made the plunge into the mystery box of anything goes.


*Above: Dustin Bourque, Rockingham devoted Sac’r – Taking his random pick at it.

Drum roll please….

And the proud new owner of the MOVIESAC W/ BLACK VELVISH is..

Maria Peixoto !!!!


A comfy Thanks to all of you who participate in this raffle.  NOTE:  For those who did enter into the raffle and were given the LoveSac LANYARD – HOLD ON to these.  You will be eligible to enter into future raffles, giveaways, and event promotions.  ABOVE ALL, you will be part of our VIP e-mailing list, where we send you soon-to-be exclusive sales, rewards events, and announcement to the awesome LoveSac’s events happening in the area.  However, to receive this loyalty you will need to be wearing YOUR LoveSac Lanyard in the store and/or event.

If you don’t have a lanyard and want to be included in our VIP e-mailing list, feel free to e-mail us at:

Subject:  Enter me into the Sac’ VIP

We’ll See You Soon,

Boston LoveSac Market

Rockingham: 603 890 6206

Natick: 508 318 5595

Got Irish? Get GREEN, Save GREEN Sale

At the Natick Sac‘, we just love this little holiday we call St. Paddy’s Day.. after all, most of us here come from Irish roots.  So naturally this day calls for some noise.. it’s a TODAY ONLY sale [March 17, 2010] and only applies to the first 17 people that come in today.. so get your green on and come in and save green:

EVERYTHING MOSS MICROSUEDE from a Moss TubeSac to pre-made Moss Sac’ designer covers, to a Moss Sactional sectional is 10% off.

Get GREEN, Save Green on your TubeSac:

Perfect for additional head support, airplane rides, home run derby’s, laying a lesson on your little brother, etc.  Don’t leave home without your MOSS TubeSac™.

Get Green, Save Green on your FootSac:PhotobucketAlso known as the “LoveSac sock”.  This epic blanket gift is the Sac’s answer to the defeated snuggy blanket.  Don’t take my word for it – I got one for my girlfriend, now she pays this blanket more attention than me.  The MOSS FootSac is the perfect gift for any spoiling occasion.

Get Green, Save Green on your Sac’ Designer cover:PhotobucketGot kids? Pets? A sloppy husband? Iranian bomb threats?  No worries.. MOSS Microsuede is the most durable fabric we carry [rates 5 out of 5].  In fact, I dare say it could survive nuclear war.

Get GREEN, Save Green on your Moss Sactional:PhotobucketWhooo.. did you catch that??  When you buy MOSS Microsuede covers for your Sactionalset up, not only will we give you 10% OFF the covers, but we’ll throw 10% OFF the ENTIRE PURCHASE.  Save GREEN, it’s time to ramp up your living room with our extremely modular Sactionals.

Now for some cheap advice and wisdom… this is a DAY ONLY sale, so be smart – get your green on and come in.  If you can’t make it in, pull out your phone and give us a call, we got your back.

PhotobucketCome see us today – or give us a call!

See you soon

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595

Phur Lover’s LoveSac/ MLK Day Sale!


In case you’ve found yourself wondering, PHUR is in.  The only place you’re going to find your fix is at the Sac’!  So we’re going to hook you up right.  We’ve combined our MOST versatile LoveSac™; the PillowSac™ and it’s accessory Rocker frame with the sexy, scrum-diliumpscious SILVER MINK PHUR cover for a ridiculous blow out price of $399.99.  Did I mention this cover is LIMITED, which means time is limited to get your hands on this shabam.

We asked PDSE Natick Rockstar, Eric Stiefel, a.k.a. Phur Feel Professional, just what he thinks of this insane deal:

PhotobucketShown Above:  Eric Stiefel, Natick PDSE

..Let’s just say pictures are more than a thousand words and comfort become his inevitable.

ALSO, as if we’re not only bringing you the business with the Silver Mink Phur Lover’s Package deal, we also have a secret sale going on in reverent respect to Martin Luther King Day, so check it:


10% off all Sactional™ purchases of $1499.99 or more

90 Days, no interest, no payments financing

** Get approved and pay nothing today, take a Sactional™ home

LoveSac Natick making that noise, come check out the buzz!

We’ll see you soon 🙂

– Natick LoveSac –

Columbus Day Sale!
October 3, 2009, 4:32 pm
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Starting Friday (October 2, 2009) and going on til October 12, 2009 (Columbus Day) .. the Sac is banging out one the greater discoveries this side of the globe has ever seen.. but don’t take my word for it, listen to the man in the hat..


That’s right — Take 25% OFF your Sac Insert when you buy your Sac’ with a designer cover..

Discover amazing savings going on now at the Sac’.. don’t miss it!

We’ll see you soon.

-Natick LoveSac-