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Speedrun Classic: the Glory Continues

It wasn’t long before other Gamers had to have their say (or play?) in the mix..

The Speedrun Classic continues at URI, and everyone has their eyes on the prize:


yeaaaa-hh Son.  The Power Glove Trophy brings all the business to the yard.

URI was sweet and we had a solid turn out.  When you have a setup like this, it’s hard to imagine otherwise:


During and between classes, the Classic lived on.. bringing all walks of life into the limelight.  Ladies LoveSac:


Everyone needs a view.. after all, this is just one bird’s eye of many.. Check it kid:


Some just Game to flame.. we call them hardcore gamers.  I haven’t truly met one until this event, but I will tell you this, aside from some culture shock, I was truly humbled by the skill of some of these kids on the D-Pad.  I mean, really, passion has taken a new beaten path with these gamers, just listen to the passion and fire behind this young chaps voice:


And so the watches began to take note, and the players took hold.. Game On!


Oh.. and game on was powered by LoveSac.. Without us, your gaming experience may go on, but quite frankly, it would suck in a very uncomfortable way.  We are looking out, we are looking good damnit:


.. And this is what it looks like:


Speedrun is a GO!  Come get some!!


We’ll see you soon,

– Boston LoveSac –


Speedrun Classic: Revival Video Game Tour 2010

Tonight marks the kick off of the highly anticipated video game revival tour called the Speedrun Classic, sponsored by Showcase Cinema, Best Buy, Destructoid, and LoveSac.  This tour is destined to bring together all you hardcore gamers in a series of tournaments that will determine the REAL hands-with-it champion for retro Nintendo gaming once in for all.  This tour event not only separates the boys from the men, but quite literally, you boys have probably already grown into men since you last held a beloved D-Pad controller.  Well quit dreaming of the day that an event such as this will happen, because at LoveSac – we Make it Happen and it’s happening now in the greater Boston area.


Check out the Speedrun Classic Facebook Page to get all the details, promotions, schedule, and sponsor links:!/LoveSac?v=app_4949752878

09.29.10 – First Stop – Natick Collection LoveSac (Natick, MA)


College students from Framingham State came to get their game on.  The stakes were high, but the rewards were bountiful – First person to make it to level 4 in Battletoads get a D-Pad Melting Controller T Shirt and $200 LoveSac Gift Card on the spot..

Every Gamer can dream right?


Nintendo Sactionals and the famously acclaimed PWNAGE PKG!

Most of all, you should be here to fame yourself with achieving ultimate Gaming Glory, winning the coveted Power Glove Trophy:


Donkey Kong, Megaman 2, Battletoads, Mario 3 – It’s all here.  You VOTED, you play it

Come PWN IT to OWN IT. PWNAGE PKG only available online and in the Natick and Rockingham Park LoveSac locations. Check it or be checked:

Speedrun Classic is a GO.

Come join us for this epic event.  See the above links for a full schedule of all the venue lockdowns.


We’ll See You Soon,

Boston LoveSac