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Movie Under The Stars at the Rockingham Park Mall

Doin’ it the LoveSac way is like taking a fresh sit in the Park on nice sunny summer afternoon..

By that I mean Rockingham Park, of course.

Recently we supplied that Fresh sitting experience I was just talking about at all four movie events at

The Movies Under The Stars


Rockingham LoveSac joined forces with our Mall in participating in the “Movies Under The Stars” Series by setting up a sweet Sac’ and Sactional lounge area.  Can ya dig?


How’s this for one more glam shot?



It was a lot of silly fun and we had great attendance/participation.  In fact that word Participation actually came with fun raffle – For those of you who have been waiting, your moment is here.  We put all the raffles together in a pot, rolled up our sleeves, wiped the sweat off our forehead and made the plunge into the mystery box of anything goes.


*Above: Dustin Bourque, Rockingham devoted Sac’r – Taking his random pick at it.

Drum roll please….

And the proud new owner of the MOVIESAC W/ BLACK VELVISH is..

Maria Peixoto !!!!


A comfy Thanks to all of you who participate in this raffle.  NOTE:  For those who did enter into the raffle and were given the LoveSac LANYARD – HOLD ON to these.  You will be eligible to enter into future raffles, giveaways, and event promotions.  ABOVE ALL, you will be part of our VIP e-mailing list, where we send you soon-to-be exclusive sales, rewards events, and announcement to the awesome LoveSac’s events happening in the area.  However, to receive this loyalty you will need to be wearing YOUR LoveSac Lanyard in the store and/or event.

If you don’t have a lanyard and want to be included in our VIP e-mailing list, feel free to e-mail us at:

Subject:  Enter me into the Sac’ VIP

We’ll See You Soon,

Boston LoveSac Market

Rockingham: 603 890 6206

Natick: 508 318 5595


1st ANNUAL “How Do You Use Your Sac’ ” Photo Contest

So this is what’s good out there all you loyal LoveSac’rs — We are holding the 1st annual “How do you use your LoveSac?” Photo Contest!  Listen up, this is how it’s going down:

Photobucket**Shown above:  Donald Halpin – Natick PDSE

Take a pic of any LoveSac product in your home theater, at work, on a your porch, on your neighbor’s lawn, in the bathroom (oh..weird), on your little brother’s friend, tailgating; wherever your LoveSac forte and creativity meet.  Keys to success:  make it interesting, throw in some laughs, put the glam in glamorous, or do it with style and mix it all in one!  Email your pic to: along with your contact info, so we can send out some sweet LoveSac gear if you win!  The deadline for submitting photos is JANUARY 20th.  1st round voting starts January 21st, whoever receives the most votes in round 1, wins our 90% down filled BODY PILLOW™ w/free embroidered microsuede cover!

PhotobucketShown above:  Jerome Smart – Natick PDSE

Anyone can place a vote, but keep in mind, we only count 1 vote per IP address. Also, everyone that submits a photo will receive a coupon for 15% off ENTIRE next purchaseYes, even our Sactionals™ are included! Coupons must be used before January 31st, 2010 — some restrictions apply, see store for details.

..then in February, ROUND 2 BEGINS (the main event) — starts on Feb.10th, right after we announce 1st round winners. Round 2 will consist of 1st round winners from around the country. They will compete against one another for the ultimate prize… A BRAND NEW MOVIESAC™ with a BLACK VELVISH cover! Your sitting experience will never be the same.. Bring on the votes!


At LoveSac, we like to take joy and pride in what we offer.  Whether it be selling the world’s greatest innovation furntiure, or having fun events with the people that matter most;  our customers.   Remember to be safe,  take your photos with common sense and good taste.

And remember, don’t abuse your Sac’!  Or it will abuse you!

**Shown above:  Cstring – Natick Store Mgr

Can’t wait to see your pic’s MA..

We’ll see you soon

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595