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The 4 and 5 Sactionals Promo

You think you’ve heard it before.. “That we’re having a huge sale”, “Supplies are limited”, “Get it while it’s hot”, “Once they’re gone, they’re gone”, “Best sale on Sactionals ever!”.. Well I heard each one of these one at a time, once before. However, this time around we’re going to get a little crazy with it by combining all of these wonderful sentences, henceforth, making into one:

We are having a Huge Sale. Supplies will be extremely limited, so get them while you can. This IS the best Sale we’ve ever done on Sactionals. It’s called the 4 and 5 Sactionals Promotion Sale:


Come take a look:


4 and 5 is kind of the smart way to buy Sactionals™, and it’s our newly discovered magic number of Bases and Sides.  With 4 and 5  (Bases and Sides, respectively) you get MAX FUNCTIONALITY with THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF PIECES YOU BUY TODAY and that comes with the 4 and 5 Sactionals Promotion.

To illustrate MAX FUNCTIONALITY, take a look at the video below:


Want prices?  You got it!

Navy Twill 4 and 5 PKG – $1,499

Earth, Moss, Mocha Suede 4 and 5 PKG – $1,799

Eskimo Phur 4 and 5 PKG – $1,999

..Save up to $600 Dollars!!

Come see us in our Natick Collection Mall or Rockingham Park Mall locations today.  Get your 4 and 5 on!

We’ll See You Soon,

Boston LoveSac

PS:  I heard somewhere through the grapevine that later this month a new LoveSac location may be coming to a Burlington near you.  Stay tuned for details.


Easter: New Intro’s, New Savings

Meet Nooder – LoveSac’s newest member of our comfort team:

As like the rest of our product we sell at LoveSac, Nooder changes with real life.  “Love puppy by day, blanket dog by night”.  Now your nephew, niece, daughter, mother, or 36 year old brother that still lives home can enjoy the tender love of a sweet LoveSac stuffed animal and/or enjoy the comfort of the blanket inside Nooder – easily accessible through his back side.  He may be the first pet you’ve ever owned that doesn’t poop disgusting things.. on the contrary, he poops comfortable blankets, delicately put.  Take home Nooder this Easter for only $49.99 … or..


Get Nooder for HALF OFF when you buy any LoveSac blanket. See store for details, restrictions may apply.

As with new holidays, come new savings.  The infamous Series 5 Sactionals™ have landed in our Natick Store.  To celebrate the new arrival we’ve put together some sweet starter kit deals:

Photobucket*FREE = good work

And that’s not all, now for a limited time we’re also doing 10% off select items:


That’s right – 10% off OCS [Other Comfy Stuff] when your purchase is over $300 or more.  Perfect time for Easter.

Happy Easter from your crew at Natick LoveSac… We hope you enjoy your holiday, Love The Ones Your With.

We’ll See You Soon,

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595

LoveSac: Another lesson in quality

Did you know that in the next few years, all home furnishings may be completely nonflammable. The Associate Press reports that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking to fast-track a proposal that would require all consumer upholstered furniture to be smolder and flame-resistant. Apparently, this has been a proposal that has been on the table for 10 years.

The move can save lives. Upholstered furniture fires cost the US $1.6 billion yearly and is responsible for 100 deaths and 130 injuries per year.

At LoveSac, we’ve already made the move.  In fact, it’s been part of our assembly anatomy for almost five years on all of our furniture.  God forbid your house go on fire, at least your LoveSac furniture will survive.

Just another fun fact that helps remind us, once you go Sac’, you never go back.

Come visit us this Easter weekend to see a sneak preview to a new member of our product line.  Stay tuned for details.

We’ll See You Soon,

–  Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595