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Spring Clean Clearance Sale!

We’re beginning to take a whole new take of Fresh in the Natick Collection LoveSac.  With all this inspiring beautiful Spring weather, we’ve decided to spice up our look at the Sac’ by cleaning up..


It’s was a shocking discovery to find out that our backroom had a floor.  But now that we’ve discovered land, we’ve also discovered a very LARGE abundance of pre-made designer covers that need to find the comfort of a new home.  With this thought in mind we realized  something amazing needed to take place..


hmm.. We’ll call this initiative the BIGGEST SAC’ SALE in LoveSac history.  I give you..

LoveSac’s First Annual Clearance Sale Photobucket

This event is making it’s entrance this coming TUESDAY – MAY 25th, doors open at 9:45 AM, all the way through the weekend.. or until supplies last.

The Sac’s and Accessories are taking a HUGE clearance to their MSRP name, some covers only $1.00 with Sac purchase, some covers $100 to $300 off.

Come visit the store for the full skinny.  First come, first served!  Get here before your Sac’ is gone.


We’ll See You Soon,

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318.5595


Customer of the Month: Iain Holmes

It’s that time again to announce the Customer of the MonthThis isn’t your every day award handout;  this takes a special occasion, relationship, and let’s face it.. a ton of awesomeness.

May customer of the month goes to Iain Holmes of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Iain and his wife Danielle are nothing short of some of the most Hardcore Sac’rs out there.  They’ve been in the family for over a year and half now.  Since their beginning these two have accomplished quite the LoveSac dynasty:

Photobucket**Iain and Danielle Holmes (above)

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as goes the same for LoveSac Dynasties.  Check out their sweet living room:


As for a Sactionals™ and Sacs count, their LS inventory up-to-date looks a little like this:

– 8 Bases, 12 Sides in Moss, 1 SuperSac in Choc RP, 1 PillowSac in Eskimo w/Rocker, 1 Squat in Choc RP

Photobucket** Danielle making the ascent to the top of Mount Sactional

.. and the legend doesn’t stop.  As for LS accessories, they’ve thrown the boot:

– Nooder LovePuppy, O – Lamp, BratPad in Moss, 2 FootSac’s, 2 LS T-shirts, Mother’s Day Blanket, 2 U drinks, and ONE LIFE STYLE CUT OUT OF SHAWNY D NELSON

Photobucket** Nooder and his new friend, sharing the love

This epic LoveSac dynasty is spreadin’ the love in a BIG way.  For that, Natick LoveSac wants to thank Iain and Danielle for becoming part of the LoveSac family and for showing us all how it’s done when it comes to LoveSac furniture domination . As our thanks to you, we’d like to offer you a FREE U Drink and 10% off anything in the Natick store (offer good till the end of June 2010)

We’ll See You Soon,

Natick LoveSac

(508) 318 5595

How to Warranty YOUR LoveSac Product

Here’s an easy breakdown for all you new Sac’rs out there looking to get your AWESOME new furniture warrantied for LIFE!

Step One : Type in your URL search bar or just click this link (below) :

Step Two : Fill out the appropriate required fields completely and continue to the next step.

Step Three: It will ask for where you purchased your product. You will need to select a “Retail Store“, then select “Natick Collection“.

Step Four: Next you will need your transaction code from your receipt (at the top) given to you at time of purchase. Use the picture below to help identify where you can find this four digit transaction code number:


Step Five: Fill out the quick survey on the next page, then submit.

If done correctly, you should have a page pull up congratulating you on your NEWLY REGISTERED product, guaranteed for LIFE.

You can always contact us at the store if any questions, concerns, — or just want to talk 🙂 508.318.5595

We’ll See You Soon,

– Natick LoveSac –