Lovesac Natick

Speedrun hits the Cinema’s and Buy’s

Can you believe it’s already been a solid two weeks of Speedrun already?? It’s been a sweet beaten path of solid contestants, with awesome Speedrun records getting smashed into the ground.. But the glory and fame is still in reach, and the Powerglove Trophy still waits..


Gamers from all over the greater Boston area came to pay their homage..and possibly try to hone up a PWNAGE PKG while they were at it:


If you haven’t had a chance to swing on by past the tour events yet, this is what your missing:


Come stop by the tour at our next events:  Rockingham Park Mall Lovesac – 10.13.10 and Revere Showcase Cinema – 10.17.10 for all of Week Three’s Speedrun action.


Come take your claim to ultimate Gaming Glory and have some ridiculous fun with us.

We’ll see you soon,

 – Boston LoveSac –


The 4 and 5 Sactionals Promo

You think you’ve heard it before.. “That we’re having a huge sale”, “Supplies are limited”, “Get it while it’s hot”, “Once they’re gone, they’re gone”, “Best sale on Sactionals ever!”.. Well I heard each one of these one at a time, once before. However, this time around we’re going to get a little crazy with it by combining all of these wonderful sentences, henceforth, making into one:

We are having a Huge Sale. Supplies will be extremely limited, so get them while you can. This IS the best Sale we’ve ever done on Sactionals. It’s called the 4 and 5 Sactionals Promotion Sale:


Come take a look:


4 and 5 is kind of the smart way to buy Sactionals™, and it’s our newly discovered magic number of Bases and Sides.  With 4 and 5  (Bases and Sides, respectively) you get MAX FUNCTIONALITY with THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF PIECES YOU BUY TODAY and that comes with the 4 and 5 Sactionals Promotion.

To illustrate MAX FUNCTIONALITY, take a look at the video below:


Want prices?  You got it!

Navy Twill 4 and 5 PKG – $1,499

Earth, Moss, Mocha Suede 4 and 5 PKG – $1,799

Eskimo Phur 4 and 5 PKG – $1,999

..Save up to $600 Dollars!!

Come see us in our Natick Collection Mall or Rockingham Park Mall locations today.  Get your 4 and 5 on!

We’ll See You Soon,

Boston LoveSac

PS:  I heard somewhere through the grapevine that later this month a new LoveSac location may be coming to a Burlington near you.  Stay tuned for details.

Speedrun Classic: the Glory Continues

It wasn’t long before other Gamers had to have their say (or play?) in the mix..

The Speedrun Classic continues at URI, and everyone has their eyes on the prize:


yeaaaa-hh Son.  The Power Glove Trophy brings all the business to the yard.

URI was sweet and we had a solid turn out.  When you have a setup like this, it’s hard to imagine otherwise:


During and between classes, the Classic lived on.. bringing all walks of life into the limelight.  Ladies LoveSac:


Everyone needs a view.. after all, this is just one bird’s eye of many.. Check it kid:


Some just Game to flame.. we call them hardcore gamers.  I haven’t truly met one until this event, but I will tell you this, aside from some culture shock, I was truly humbled by the skill of some of these kids on the D-Pad.  I mean, really, passion has taken a new beaten path with these gamers, just listen to the passion and fire behind this young chaps voice:


And so the watches began to take note, and the players took hold.. Game On!


Oh.. and game on was powered by LoveSac.. Without us, your gaming experience may go on, but quite frankly, it would suck in a very uncomfortable way.  We are looking out, we are looking good damnit:


.. And this is what it looks like:


Speedrun is a GO!  Come get some!!


We’ll see you soon,

– Boston LoveSac –